75 years later

The foster daughter of amateur photographer Tivadar Lissák in the 1940s and today

Fortepan fans are sure to know the name and photos of Tivadar Lissák. The talented amateur photographer is one of the important sources of our archive, as a couple of years ago, thanks to his family’s generosity; we could make more than two thousand of his images public. His images are regularly featured in Fortepan exhibitions, and at seeing the pictures currently on display in the Fény Street Market Hall, the photographer’s foster daughter decided to contact us and complete the information we had about Lissák’s photos with interesting details.

Text: Dávid Zubreczki | Photo Editor: István Virágvölgyi | Translation: Zsuzsanna Bodóné Hofecker [The original article was published in Hungarian]

75 years later – Images of amateur photographer Tivadar Lissák's Foster Daughter in the forties and today

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