Late 1930s. #201247 Photo: Fortepan / Andor Gara

Best of 2021

The 30 favourites out of 15,000 Fortepan images uploaded last year

Undoubtedly the biggest Fortepan discovery of 2021 was the debut of the images of cameraman Sándor Kereki, which have been sitting in a drawer for 50 years. The translation of the article about him launched the bi-weekly English edition of Fortepan Weekly two weeks ago.

Last year, 150 other donors have honoured the archive with their trust, including the legacy of film director György Révész, the aviation history pictures of Ferenc Nasztanovics and Milkó’s collection of local history from Szabadka. Two of our important photojournalistic authors, Zoltán Szalay and Tamás Urbán, have also added new frames to the site.

The Fortepan site has also been expanded with company archives, with 5,000 images from the Budapest Photo Company (Főfotó), but the photos of the Red Army in Budapest in 1945, the Budapest Dance School Archive and the World War I collection of the Austrian National Library are also exciting additions to the collection.

Here comes a taste of 30 favourites from the 15,000 new photos of 2021.

Subotica, 1918. #222484 Photo: Fortepan / Milkó
1918. #217546 Photo: Fortepan / Gábor Magyarszéky
1964. #164969 Photo: Fortepan / Gábor Herpay
1986. #165124 Photo: Fortepan / Lajos Lakatos
The ad photo was taken on the flat roof of the house at 4 Rózsahegy Street in Budapest in 1973. #215953 Photo: Fortepan / FŐFOTÓ
1982. #203300 Photo: Fortepan / Madách High School
1972. #205499 Photo: Fortepan / Sándor Kereki
1937. #203212 Photo: Fortepan / Árpád Tóth
1952. #204509 Photo: Fortepan / Zoltán Szalai
St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy, 1911. #164048 Photo: Fortepan / Artkraft
Jews on labour service in Felsődabas in 1940. #162886 Photo: Fortepan / Dr. István Szántó
1977. #164587 Photo: Fortepan / Katalin Kahán
The Loide-Paraguai reefer vessel in the port of Fiume in 1959. #159088 Photo: Fortepan / György Ungvári
King Matthias Square in Cluj, looking towards Ferenc Deák Street (Bulevardul Eroilor) in the early 1940s. #165174 Photo: Fortepan / Handa family
The sports field of the Vegetable Oil and Soap Factory in Budapest in 1955. #197274 Photo: Fortepan / János Keveházi
1963. #200246 Photo: Fortepan / János Dénes
1974. #216333 Photo: Fortepan / FŐFOTÓ
1965. #217238 Photo: Fortepan / Album059
Klauzál Square, Budapest, 1973. #206335 Photo: Fortepan / Sándor Kereki
1972. #215525 Photo: Fortepan / FŐFOTÓ
New Year´s Eve revellers in the Blaha Lujza Square underpass in Budapest in 1977. #205140 Photo: Fortepan / Sándor Kereki

Photo Editors: Miklós Tamási and István Virágvölgyi

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