75 years later

Images of amateur photographer Tivadar Lissák’s Foster Daughter in the forties and today /// Fortepan fans are sure to know the name and photos of Tivadar Lissák. The talented amateur photographer is one of the important sources of our archive, as a couple of years ago, thanks to his family’s generosity; we could make more than two thousand of his images public. His images are regularly featured in Fortepan exhibitions, and at seeing the pictures currently on display in the Fény Street Market Hall, the photographer’s foster daughter decided to contact us and complete the information we had about Lissák’s photos with interesting details.

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Best of 2021 – The 30 favourites out of 15,000 Fortepan images uploaded last year

Undoubtedly the biggest Fortepan discovery of 2021 was the debut of the images of cameraman Sándor Kereki, which have been sitting in a drawer for 50 years. The translation of the article about him launched the bi-weekly English edition of Fortepan Weekly two weeks ago.

Last year, 150 other donors have honoured the archive with their trust, including the legacy of film director György Révész, the aviation history pictures of Ferenc Nasztanovics and Milkó’s collection of local history from Szabadka. Two of our important photojournalistic authors, Zoltán Szalay and Tamás Urbán, have also added new frames to the site.

The Fortepan site has also been expanded with company archives, with 5,000 images from the Budapest Photo Company (Főfotó), but the photos of the Red Army in Budapest in 1945, the Budapest Dance School Archive and the World War I collection of the Austrian National Library are also exciting additions to the collection.

Here comes a taste of 30 favourites from the 15,000 new photos of 2021.

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The Seventies in the Eyes of a Young Lad

Whimsical urban scenes in Sándor Kereki’s snapshots published after 50 years /// People on the grandstand keenly focusing the trotting racecourse; children watching a car race from the roof of a car in the People’s Park; a man absorbed in reading the papers on Andrássy Avenue – these astoundingly great street photos were shot by a boy from Budapest who started photographing as a grammar schooler and already quit this hobby at university. Today, about 1,800 of Sándor Kereki’s photographs were shared on Fortepan, fifty years after they were taken.

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