The construction of the common section of the M1-M7 highway on Budaörsi Way in 1965 and the traffic on the same road in 1975. In the background, the Ostapenko statue. This pair of photos is a bit tricky because they were taken from opposite directions (see the uncut photos below). #97095 and #98848 Photo: Fortepan / UVATERV

Same but different

Before and After Photos

How much can happen between taking two photographs even when the photographer quickly presses the shutter release button again? We are looking into this question through an expanded selection of before and after photo pairs from Fortepan originally featured at the Hungarian National Gallery’s 2019 exhibition titled Every Past is My Past.

Photo Editors: Miklós Tamási and István Virágvölgyi | English translation: Nóra Vörös

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