The Seventies in the Eyes of a Young Lad

Whimsical urban scenes in Sándor Kereki’s snapshots published after 50 years

People on the grandstand keenly focusing the trotting racecourse; children watching a car race from the roof of a car in the People’s Park; a man absorbed in reading the papers on Andrássy Avenue – these astoundingly great street photos were shot by a boy from Budapest who started photographing as a grammar schooler and already quit this hobby at university. Today, about 1,800 of Sándor Kereki’s photographs were shared on Fortepan, fifty years after they were taken.

Text: Dávid Zubreczki | Photo Editor: István Virágvölgyi | Translation: Zsuzsanna Bodóné Hofecker [The original article was published in Hungarian]

The Seventies in the Eyes of a Young Lad

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